Jan. 15th, 2017 10:38 pm
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So I was doing well with posting and then I went back to work and it all went to shit in more ways than one. But hey ho!

I have just finished watching The Final Problem

I just said to Himself - who hated it, thinking that Moffat is vanishing in a cloud of his own cleverness - that I don't actually know whether I think it was pure genius or a hot mess but right now, and it could be the wine talking, I loved it.

It wraps everything up if they don't come back but gives them scope if they do.

My favourite favourite favourite moment of the night was when Greg was walking away and the officer said something about Sherlock being a great man. And when I heard him say "no he's better than that," I said the rest of the line along with Greg - "he's a good one." And I did not care if Himself was annoyed at me, because I loved that line and how it called back to the pilot. Which I now need to rewatch.

And! He remembered his name!!!!

As for my other favourite, poor Molly. Well, the first thing I thought was that all the fanfic, mine included, that mentioned her tiny flat are now shot to hell. That was one lovely kitchen! (We're planning a kitchen extension, I notice these things.) Lou Brealey broke my heart in that scene and I imagine the Sherlolly (seriously, this fandom is why portmanteaux should be outlawed) don't know whether to be vexed or pleased. (I have not braved tumblr or Twitter yet. There is more wine in the bottle but I have school tomorrow. Decisions decisions) Of course, if that whole scene doesn't get her over Sherlock, not much will.

I still hardcore ship Molly/Lestrade.

How many DVDs did Mary make? And who's arranging delivery of the last one?

And how pissed are the I Hate Mary peeps that she got what could be the last word of the series?

Moriarty - more annoying dead than alive.

Eurus - she finally got Sherlock to play with her.

Surprised by Mycroft having no truck with murder - the way he's been written up til now I thought he'd have no scruples.

And when he was doing his speech about insulting John to try to get Sherlock to shoot him - I got what he was doing and I loved him for it.

Mrs Hudson when he was in Baker Street - I love that woman. She needs her own spin off.

I am sure I have other thoughts but they escape me at the moment.

I am going to watch my line of the night before bed. I may watch it several times. I will regret nothing.
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