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Little Jimmy Dickens passed away? I am so sad about this... His collaborations with Brad Paisley on Brad's albums have been one of my favourite chuckle moments of the last few years. Sample, one of his jokes from one of the songs, "my wife said to me, let's run upstairs and make love. I told her at my age, I cannot do both." Well, he was 94...

And in honour of him, one of the best CMA moments of all time (phrasing intended) -- Little Jimmy Dickens Goes Kanye on Brad Paisley - YouTube link. Genius.

ETA that link doesn't apoear to work? So here, I hope, is another. you go girl!


Nov. 5th, 2014 10:27 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] leobrat

Ask me about a pairing and/or character I have written (or haven't and you think I should write) and I will give you five facts about them. OR a ficlet or a song that is CLEARLY THEIR SONG or what they order from the Chinese place down the street or what they do on a lazy Saturday night, etc etc.

In other news, CMA Awards tonight... Looking forward to seeing who wins what and who sings what, when I, of course, find it online through very legal means!

And! I have watched the first two episodes of The Flash. I love it. Joe is my favourite, was there ever a doubt. This is the first show in eons I'm looking at more or less currently as it airs and it's new and shiny and I am excited!
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So, looking at stuff on youtube and this comes up....George Strait. And Garth Brooks. On the stage. Singing together. Garth literally taking his hat off to his hero. I got chills.

Also, in YouTubing for the last post, I came across this gem which I had never seen, from the Night Moves special in 1991. Brian Orser and Katarina Witt skating to Lady in Red. It is cheesetastic and mullet-tastic in ways that only 90s skating could be.

And just because, my two favourite bits of this year's CMA Awards --

And also, guess who has this movie winging her way to her on DVD? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!

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8 Post a song that makes you want to write. (Or gets you in the mood to read All Of The Fanfic.)

I am on the phone at the moment so can't embed a YouTube clip, however one of the many songs I love for an answer like this is Tim McGraw's One of those Nights. I first heard it when I was falling hard for Debra/Mike and I always see them in my head when I listen to it.

lyrics under the cut )

I will embed the video as soon as I get to a computer!

ETANot fond of the official video, so have a live performance from last year's CMAs!


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