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Still running late on this...

smiley_b asked I know you don't, but if you did...Real Life Ships

Honestly? The one that springs most to mind comes from figure skating and it's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The only Canadians/North Americans (at time of typing!) to win an Olympic Gold Ice Dance medal, they are both gorgeous, photogenic and talented and let's face it, my love of ice dance pairings being a real life item goes all the way back to 1986 and G&G!

Why would I ship them? Well allow me to show you -

Well, ok, there are a few videos under the cut because I got carried away with all the feels. But if you don't watch any others, this is one you really should because if you don't get all gooey on the inside after watching this one, then we can no longer be friends.

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So smiley_b asked me for ships that should have been but never were.

To which the facile reply is, "Look at my tags list. There are multitudes!"

However, here are the ones that I believe could have worked...

Glee, Puck/Rachel - I know Ryan Murphy has said that Finn/Rachel were endgame. I know that were it not for RL events they still would be. However, I will also contend that IMO Puck and Rachel had serious sparks flying in the season one episode where they dated, and that TPTB should have given it more than one episode. The good girl/bad guy trope is a trope for a reason but Puck and Rachel stayed friends and supported one another after their dalliance...Barbra Streisand flash mob anyone? (Sidebar, I now have Cobra Starship's Good Girl Go Bad stuck in my head. You're welcome.)

Sports Night, Dan/Natalie - I alluded to this in an earlier post but man, just look at the scene in Mary Pat Shelby where he talks to her about the interview with Christian Patrick. Or the sparks that fly between them in the poker (is it poker?) ep where she's just broken up with Jeremy. Who, of course, Dan helped to woo her... Cyrano de Rydell! Also, friends to lovers trope FTW!

Veronica Mars, Weevil/Veronica - more chemistry than a high school science lab, more snappy repartee than a Sorkin show, good girl/bad guy trope, distrust changes to allies changes to Francis Capra has said he thinks Weevil was in love with Veronica. These two are fabulous together and when I think that most of the fandom prefers LoVe to this, I throw my hands in the air.

Will edit if I think of more!
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A day late on this one but smiley_b asked me for my bulletproof OTPs. Which is interesting because while I have pairings that I adore, I have also written/read one part of them with someone else, which if I understand it right kinda negates the point of an OTP?

But are some that I really love.

Leo/Ainsley, West Wing - the uncon pair of my heart, the one that introduced me to so many fandom people and led me to LJ. From their first scene together I loved the banter and the whole screwball comedy overtones of it all and it's a real shame to me that after the first couple of Ainsley episodes we hardly got to see them together again. Curiously enough, though I have written one Sam/Ainsley (I think it was a gift for someone) I rarely read/write these two outside of the pairing.

Warrick/Sara CSI - this could go into my ship trope entry but I didn't think of it on time... The whole hatred/distrust to friends to lovers thing. I love that dynamic and I thought that these two had great chemistry together and that also because of their past together and their personalities, it would never be plain sailing with them, never boring, there would always be enough sparks flying but at the end of the day they'd be fiercely loyal to one another and woe betide anyone who comes between them.

Dan/Natalie Sports Night - nearly forgot this one but I love it. I will probably talk more about it for another day on this meme but it hits my friends to lovers trope and if you didn't see the possibility during the editing room scene in "Mary Pat Shelby" then I don't know what to say to you.

Veronica/Weevil Veronica Mars - these two. They had the chemistry, they had the banter, they had the friendship, they had it all. I'm one of the people who believe that Weevil was in love with her - he was always there for her, and I think she could have loved him too...stupid writers!
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So profshallowness asked me to write about a ship trope I really love.

Which I then had to think about because what I think of as a trope might not be one, and was surprisingly little help to me. Ergo, you will get what I got and that's all I can do!

I will admit to having a soft spot for the whole "we are secretly dating and no one knows except oops oh yes they do" thing. I've seen it lately in Castle with Lanie and Esposito and to the best ever effect in Friends with Chandler and Monica. (The one where they all find out will never not be funny.) Not one that lends itself to fic though, at least not that I can recall.

Partners/friends to lovers is another one of my favourites and considering the ships I have shipped, it's probably one of the ones represented most in my writing. I like how the emotions change from one status to the other, the confusion that can come with it and how, if one is more sure than the other, they get them to change their mind. (I've been thinking about this a lot lately what with some of the Warehouse 13 spoiler spec that's out there and the amount of people who use lines from season one and two to justify their POV makes me want to headdesk a lot. People change, people! Feelings, emotions...I've said for a long time, if two people who have been in love for years can fall out of love, two people who have been friends for years can fall in love. But that's a separate rant.)

Looking at my writing, I also seem to like it when a ship has been rent asunder and then they get a second chance to it... The Greg Sanders/Ellie Bartlet series was entirely based on that premise, so was anything Kyle/Diane I ever did from Jake 2.0. Jake/Peyton from One Tree Hill also fit that mould and I will never get over the end of season three and what happened there.

Will edit if I think of more!
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Still having to finish NaBloPoMo but this is stolen from lots of people..

Stolen from lots of people:

Pick a date below and give me a topic and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom related to life related to pizza preferences to whatever you like.

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