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7 fics for 9 prompts on the fluff 4 card.

Prompt: vows of love
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, 1806 words

Prompt: friendship
The X Files, John Doggett & Dana Scully, 1054 words

Prompts: engagement, brothers
Warehouse 13/The Following, 1459 words

Prompt: holding hands
Arrow, Quentin Lance/Donna Smoak, 309 words

Prompt : newborn child
Arrow, John Diggle/Felicity Smoak, 1127 words

Prompts : lake, sunset
Sleepy Hollow, Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, 1642 words

Prompt : childhood memories
The X Files, John Doggett/Monica Reyes, 2055 words
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The card was Music 2. I swapped "Rambling Man" for "Love in an elevator" and combined two other prompts into one fic, so here are the eight pieces I did for this challenge.

Now off to noodle upon Fluff 4 and Music 5!

Prompt: barbie girl
Arrow, Quentin Lance/Donna Smoak, 489 words

Prompt: stairway to heaven
Sleepy Hollow, Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, 410 words

Prompt : crash and burn
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1461 words

Prompt : you're still you
Arrow, Felicity Smoak/John Diggle, 641 words

Prompt : hooked on a feeling
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 505 words

Prompt : buffalo bill
The X Files, John Doggett/Monica Reyes, 434 words

Prompts: bang bang, not fair
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1217 words

Prompt: love in an elevator (swapped with "Rambling Man")
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, 821 words
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Title: another time around the wheel
Author(s): helsinkibaby
Artist(s): stormbrite
Fandom(s): Sleepy Hollow
Type: Het
Rating: M
Word Count: 11766
Characters/Pairings: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane
Warnings/Spoilers: Huge ones for Vessel. Everything up to The Akeda to be safe. 
Summary: Jenny knows that Frank is dead, after all, she helped to bury him. Then she wakes up one morning not only to find him very much alive, but with her head full of dreams that seem to foretell the future. Armed with this knowledge, can they eliminate the threat against Macey? And how does Jenny have this knowledge in the first place?
Author's Notes: So there were a lot of unhappy Sleepyheads after the midseason finale in season two. One of the posts that I saw on (which I thought I'd saved but hadn't) basically said that as far as they were concerned, season three should basically rob from Dallas and they should have Jenny waking up one morning to find Frank in the shower, alive, staring at her and wondering why she's so shocked to find him there. (The original post was way better.) I saw that post when casestory sign ups went live and thought, "I can work with that."
Thanks to defendingabbie for letting me run with idea, and beatsparksodapop for reading it and telling me it didn't entirely suck!

Link(s) to Story Master Post/Chapters:
Link(s) to Art Master Post(s):
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So I did not post much in June. Between trying to wrangle a plot out of Het Big Bang, the usual end of school madness and life in general, there was not a lot of time to LJ/DW. Particularly since I was also doing a Bingo a Challenge for one million words, which, while it was a close run thing, I did get a blackout on a 5x5 card...where's a Faith icon when you really need one?!

Here be fics...

Our song -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 343 words

Against all odds -
The Following, Mike Weston/Debra Parker, 434 words

Cuddling on the couch -
The Mentalist, Kimball Cho/Michelle Vega, 623 words

Moving in together -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 492 words

surprise date -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 498 words

return from deployment -
Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Catherine, 218 words

forgotten birthday/anniversary, sunset sunrise, cuddling-
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 798 words

learning the curves -
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 529 words

blind date -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 497 words

reunion -
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maria Hill/James Rhodes, 450 words

Holding hands, dancing, -
The Mentalist, Kimball Cho/Michelle Vega, 2262 words

Growing old together -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 315 words

Pen pals -
NCIS Los Angeles, Nate/Kensi, 391 words

First date -
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 471 words

Serenade -
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 442 words

Crushing on my bff -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 589 words

Wedding planning -
One Tree Hill, Jake/Peyton, 275 words

Drunk confessions -
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 449 words

First time -
The Mentalist, Kimball Cho/Michelle Vega, 305 words

Sharing food -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 414 words

Valentine -
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 436 words

First vacation together -
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 336 words


May. 16th, 2015 10:20 pm
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Entries for the weekend challenge at one million words

prompt 2. Smokey the Bear would cry if he saw what you’re trying to do….
Kindling Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 461 words

Prompt 3. i saw you taking selfies and i wondered if i could take one with you
Falling at the Falls Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 659 words - AU where Frank and Jenny meet for the first time.

Prompt 5. did you and your obvious friend just fake propose to get a free meal?
Surprising Tony - MCU, Maria Hill/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, 658 words - wherein Tony gets a surprise and Rhodey gets the girl. Because there is not enough Rhodey and I adore Don Cheadle.

I also think I have an actual honest to god outline for a fic that could do for either The Flash Big Bang or Het Big Bang. There is a plot. An actual plot! I am giddy!
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These are the 9 fics I wrote for the Love 3 bingo card at 1_million_words.

prompt: three little words - Leverage
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 729 words

Prompt : the first time - First Times
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 1174 words

Prompt: be my valentine - A Valentine's Surprise
Arrow, Diggle/Felicity, 747 words

Prompt: make up sex - fight on, fight on
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 635 words

Prompt: so this is love? - never do nothing nice and easy
Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, Abbie & Jenny, 865 words

Prompt: bedroom eyes - puttin' on those bedroom eyes
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 833 words

Prompt: selfishness - the other side of the coin
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, 624 words

prompt: I'd do anything for you - Home (The Place Where I Belong)
Law & Order, Cyrus/Connie, 1082 words

Prompt: gifts - One of Three
The Flash, Joe/Caitlin, Iris,   1072 words
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Tomorrow is Thursday and the only good thing that can be said about this week is that it's going faster than last week which I swear lasted ten weeks all on its own. There's a nice storm brewing outside, Himself is downstairs with a blood pressure monitor on him because, you know, having three discs out in his neck is not medical problem enough for one person, and I'm waiting for Nimoy to fall asleep because she says she's scared of the wind outside. I don't know if she is or if this is tonight's tactic in the never ending war of "Mammy, I'm going to miss you."

This is when I stick on Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This For Long" and play it loud.

Spent last night trying to get caught up on school paperwork, and I now only have one monthly report to do. (Not for nothing does the Irish name for a monthly report have for its first syllable a certain four letter word beginning with C that I never use.) Of course this week is the second of the fortnight so I now get to sit down and do my fortnightly plan, so I'll soon be just as behind again. Oh well. Four weeks to midterm?

In nicer thoughts, here are some random fics posted over the last week or so, all at AO3.

The Enlightened Self Interest Suggestion- Sleepy Hollow, Jenny/Frank, 530 words. Jenny and Frank take a step forward in their relationship. 

A New Life -- The Following, Mike/Debra, 6160 words. As the committee hearings begin, Ryan tries to findsl a way to go on with his life. 

After the End -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 671 words. After the end is where life begins 

what could she have done, being what she is -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 447 words. Jenny has trust issues. 

Battle -- Veronica Mars, Weevil/Veronica, 351 words. Wading into battle. 
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So as of last night we are all caught up on The Flash. spoilers for up to 1.09 The man in the yellow suit )

Fics posted over the last few days at AO3...

so high that I could almost see eternity Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 509 words. Jenny and Frank on New Year's Eve 

 been wandering around but I still come back to you Fame, Reggie/Ian, 1664 words. Five times Ian didn't know he was falling for Reggie and one time he absolutely did. 

A Better Night Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 389 words. Frank gets a fresh start. 
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Stolen from ruuger...

When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.

Am catching up on The Flash, aka Jesse L Martin, how are you so adorable yet ill adored by fandom? Well, adored by fandom yet under represented in fanfic. I need my Joe West fics people! Loving the supporting cast, not trusting Wells an inch and they seriously need to clue in Iris, stat. I'm having Lois and Clark flashbacks and not in a good way.

Fics! Linked at AO3 because it's easier ...

For the Thursday trope "beautiful dreamer" at 1_million_words -- some measure of peace restored -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 475 words

For the ring in the new year comment ficathon -- when you walk in the room Women of the Otherworld, Jaime Vegas/Jeremy Danvers, 456 words


Dec. 6th, 2014 09:24 pm
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So comment fic are doing a whole month of lonely prompts prompting and I've been going through and filling some...

Criminal Minds, Hotch/Garcia, Rubix Cube as a metaphor.

any. any. My treasure map was on your skin. - filled with Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny. That like leads to comment fic but the fic itself is on AO3, I went well over the limit!

Stargate SG-1, Teal'c/Sam, it kills him not to tell her about what they did those fifty years on The Odyssey.

Criminal Minds, Hotch & or / Any, Unintended
Hotch/JJ, Unintended

any, any/any, soul mates

slow, The Flash/Arrow, Barry Allen/Felicity Smoak

seaquest dsv, Katie Hitchcock/Jonathon ford,He only thinks he's in charge.

These, and others, are all also archived over at my AO3 page... And I find it hilarious that since I posted it, the Barry/Felicity fic has over 200 views. I don't think the others combined have that!
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Fic: Very Bad Timing
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Rating: g
spoilers : post ep for "Vessel"
Word Count: 1306
Summary: When Macey and Cynthia are sleeping, Frank gets some air and finds Jenny waiting for him.

Very Bad Timing )
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It has come to my attention that I have lately been writing a lot for comment fic and not posting them here. Apologies! They are all up at AO3, though, for anyone who wants to check them out. It's a whole lot of Frank and Jenny from Sleepy Hollow, because when did I ever go for the conventional ship, though at least this has actually got a canon scene to speak of that launched the ship, to say nothing of one of the actors either actively shipping her pairing or trolling in the extreme, so yeah, there's that.

This is one I just done for a five sentences prompt they had yesterday...

Orders )

The Flash started on Sky One tonight, I may not get a chance to watch it this evening but oh I will. JESSE L MARTIN, people, my excitement cannot be contained!
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Title: Drywall
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Rating: G
Word Count: tbc
Spoilers:: none specific
Notes: for the "madness" challenge at writers_choicd
Summary: Frank is mad.

Drywall )
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Title: Risking the Thorns
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Rating: G
Word Count: 277
Spoilers:: none specific
Notes: for comment fic
Summary: Frank knows better than to compare Jenny to a rose

Risking the Thorns )
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Title: Actions Not Words
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/ Jenny Mills
Rating: G
Word Count: 714
Spoilers: briefly mentions 1x08 (? The Thanksgiving scene that launched a thousand ships?)
Summary: Jenny and Frank, right before the apocalypse.

Actions Not Words )
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Title: Perspective
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/ Jenny Mills
Rating: M
Word Count: 449
Spoilers: briefly mentions an event from 2x01
Notes: for the comment fic prompt "any, any, age gap"
Summary: In which Frank worries about the age gap and Jenny gives him some perspective.

Perspective )
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Two fics for the weekend challenge over at one million words, both at AO3

tongue in cheek (or something like that)
Fandom: NCIS Los Angeles
Pairing: Nate/Kensi
characters : Dominic Vail, Kensi Blye

exploring the idiomatic vernacular
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Characters: Frank Irving, Jenny Mills, Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane


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