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All the Glee fans on my Facebook are delighted because Darren Criss has been cast as Hedwig on Broadway for a 12 week run...

Someone posted in one set of comments, "wait, what is Hedwig about?"

Which is fair enough but since I can't comment (not friends with the OP) I can't reply with "it's the autobiography of an East German transsexual glam rock cabaret singer" which I really want to do... How much farther away from Blaine can you get?!
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So since I'm going to a Glee convention tomorrow and it's the season five Nationals episode on Sky One tonight, and since Himself is on a night shift, I decided to look at it.
cut for spoilers, just in case )

In other news, I have successfully completed my online course, which will be nice as I now won't have to be chasing it up the last week in August, which makes a nice change.

Nimoy is starting school in September. Hold me.

I am taking parental leave for the first four weeks so won't be going back until September 29. Just before the holidays, we got served notice of a department inspection. The team will be arriving for a week, guess when? If you said September 29, you get a prize! So my first day back is the first day of the inspection... slightly freaking out about that. The only thing I keep telling myself is that they can't come in to me on the first day, because who would do that? They'll have to leave me until the end of the week (I am hoping they'll run out of time, TBH!) and anything that they say will have to be viewed through the prism of "I am literally 3/4/5 days in this room; I barely know their names yet."

That is my hope; I'll probably still be weeping in the corner on the night of the 28th though!

I have, however, ordered Himself that he MUST be off work on the Saturday of that week. Because there's going to be a hell of a night out on the Friday and I'm not gonna be on Nimoy duty while I'm recovering!
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Cutting because Sky are airing it tomorrow.

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Himself went to shower this evening after getting home and having supper. I flicked through the channels, found the last 20 mins or so of Glee. It was the Michael ep, so I left it on.

Jesus Christmas, I had managed to forget all about "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" until it actually was about to happen and then it was like I was frozen and I couldn't move to turn it off so I just looked at it and I was clawing at my face because oh my god.

Let it be said - I hated Finn (not Cory- he always seemed like a nice chap) with the fire of a nova. I shipped Puckleberry and thought Finchel the debil's own doing.

And that song, them singing, knowing they were acting but also not?

Broke. My. Heart.

The tribute ep is going to hurt more than I thought it was.

Damn it, I went through this already eighteen years ago, lightning should not twice strike!
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So, at the Glee con last week, one of the things that happened on Sunday morning was that the photo sessions were cancelled first thing, and we had a sort of round table without a table, where the guests (at that point, Telly Leung, Dominic Barnes and Eddy Martin, who had the first call time) just literally sat down on the floor of the photo room with all the attendees and we all got to share memories/feelings/emotions. Lots of tears. One person suggested a minute's silence/meditation; myself and another girl said the same thing at the same time - "How about a minute's applause?" Which is something that gets done more and more this side of the pond, especially at soccer matches where the opposing side might not be respectful. Plus, my dad called for one at my nana's (his mum's) funeral, so there is form for this in my life. I was in the front, so Telly (who did most of the leading of the talk and BTW, so amazingly eloquent in the worst possible circumstances) kinda looked at me funny and I said, "A minute's applause, for Cory."

And so we did.

After that, they opened the main hall (which came as a surprise for the tech crew!) and kept everyone together and they showed the pilot.

And at the end of the pilot, this happened.


By Sunday night, this had gone viral, with the news channel from Cory's hometown contacting the girl who uploaded it, wanting to use it in their coverage. The con, and how it dealt with the passing (and Lord knows, I'm not the organiser's biggest fan but fair play to him and everyone else that morning; they have literally never had this happen to them before and please God, it'll never happen again, and the schedule for the day completely got thrown out the window and it turned into something lovely) was mentioned in plenty of news articles, including one on the Huffington Post


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