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So I decided to drop out of the Het Big Bang for this year. It's been a pretty shite year at work which sapped a lot of my mojo for anything longer than a comment fic piece and the 9k of words that I have will never be stretched to 25k by the end of August. Which sucks because I hate dropping out of things, I love the Het Big Bang challenge and I actually know exactly how I want the story to go - it's just that every time I sit down to write anything on it, my brain goes "Nope" and I end up staring at a blank screen.

On the other hand, I started a completely different fic yesterday, just writing out a snippet of something that came into my head and I now have *checks word counter* 7,127 words of angsty fluffy plot with a few other scenes in my head that will need to be written to make it work as an actual fic that makes sense and stuff. The irony that I could have just pulled a switcheroo and declared this for the Het Big Bang Mini Bang option is not lost on me, alas I had already filled out the poll by the time I realised that I'd written 5000 words in 12 hours. Plus it's a literal fandom of two, but hey it is making me happy and not much has done that this year so yeah.
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Title: Warmer for the Spark
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: The Following
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating : R
Spoilers: Everything. AU for the season finale.
Disclaimer: The Following and it's characters are the property of Fox and no copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count: 38,060
Summary: In "Chapter Two", it was Agent Parker and Ma'am. In "The Final Chapter", he called her Deb. This is the story of how Mike Weston and Debra Parker got from there to here.

Notes: My [community profile] het_bigbang fic! Amazing artwork by [profile] twistedslinky to be linked as soon as I'm near a computer!

Link to the fic on AO3
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And I am now putting it in the metaphorical drawer for a week or so because that is the word count on the first draft of my Het Big Bang, which is now done.

Holy crap.

That's the guts of 40,000 words in four weeks - and if you throw in the comment fic/challenge responses that I've written for the two of them, you'd probably get to 40k easy.

I have not written that much in that short a space of time in years!

I may need an alcoholic beverage.
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I post this fic with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. For today was Maths Standardised Testing day and despite a frisson of fear when I was correcting them, despite a sick feeling when I was converting the raw scores into standard/sten/percentile rank, I then compared them to last year's results... a small handful went down, mostly due to attitude/checking out with five weeks of school left/laziness/not doing a tap since September. The rest? Went up, and went up big and the class average went up six percentile points BOOM!

After the mixed bag that was English, I know now what I've been doing all year; I've been teaching maths!

Also? Het Big Bang, 33864 words. I think we're looking at 35/36k endgame. Let us cross our fingers.

Now. Fic!

Title: Movie Night
Author: helsinkibaby
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating : PG
Spoilers: AU for the season finale.
Disclaimer: The Following and it's characters are the property of Fox and no copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count: 471
Summary: Friday night is Mike's favourite night of the week.
Notes: I continue to deny canon.
For the smallfandomflsh "license" challenge: as ever, loose interpretations are my speciality. The words "license to kill" were mentioned in the challenge post; I have a Bond-obsessed husband, it was never going to end any other way.

Read more... )
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Today's current word count?


Which, I'm stunned at. Because I still have to write around episode 11,14 and bits of 15. And I really did think at the start that I'd be lucky to get 25k out of the season, that I might go beyond it. Then I wrote the last scene third and gave up that idea. And then I thought I'd get to 25k ok, and then I thought I might be able to push it to 30.

But to be beyond that with stuff to go?


This is officially the longest thing I've written in years, certainly since Nimoy came along. And it's a big deal for me.

Which is good because we had day one of standardised testing (English) in school today. And man, I've been teaching all year, but you'd never know it. Well, I suppose the bottom third of my class all came up, which is good. But the other two thirds were a mixed bag, they either went up by a little, or down by a little/a lot. Which, with sixth class in May, and they've already checked out I kinda get...but man is it depressing!

Maths is on Thursday, so we'll see how that goes... I always feel a bit more confident with maths because the English, with vocab and comprehension, especially the vocab because if they don't read, and they don't, they're screwed... but then again, that could be bad because they could do crap on it! Still, at least this year there will be no assaults in the classroom, so I'm one up on last year!
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Himself is on a night shift today and tomorrow.

So tonight, I've sped through three eps of The Following, making notes for Het Big Bang.

One of the scenes I needed to go through is the scene that I continue to deny existed from the season finale and good Jesus, that was painful to sit through again. If, when this story goes live, anyone tells me that I quoted it wrong, I may throw my computer at them.

This current word count, again, is a bit misleading as it has the aforementioned notes and quotes inside it, but at the moment...


I am now off to look at the opening scene of Havenport. Many times.
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Just word counted my Het Big Bang.


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Just posted something to AO3 and in a new development, the pairing Debra Parker/Mike Weston comes up without me having to type it in manually. There are 10 stories listed for them, they are all mine. I'm slightly scared and a little proud, I'm not gonna lie.

Het Big Bang broke 23,000 words on the file today, although that's a false positive as I have some placeholder sentences in, for scenes I've not yet written but have ideas for. Specifically for eps 9-11 when Mike isn't actually in them. And I still love the last scene as much as I did when I first wrote it.

Comment fic today threw up a "Texts from Last Night" prompt, one of which inspired a slightly crack-y break from the Big Bang...

Title: Always
Author: helsinkibaby
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating : PG
Spoilers: AU for the season finale.
Disclaimer: The Following and it's characters are the property of Fox and no copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count: 412
Summary: Debra is hungover. Mike is solicitous. And amused.

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18252 baby and nowhere near finished!

Lord, help my poor soul.
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11,402 words out of 25,000.

This is my progress in a week on my Het Big Bang story. Tonight has been about scanning through two eps on the computer for dialogue that the TWoP recaps (which are saving my bacon, no pun intended) cannot give me, as well as looking back at the subtext that started this insanity in the first place. That word count includes the dialogue but no action/thoughts/retconning that need to be done to it, so I'm a happy camper right about now, I know at least another 2000 words that can go on to that.

I still have not watched the last two eps. Himself and myself are watching it together and he doesn't know I'm spoiled but I just told him that I'd rather see the two eps back to back because I don't know what the writers will do so we're leaving a block of time free after Princess goes to bed on Friday night. (In reality? I know where ep 14 ends and it's definitely a 'don't look at it before you go to sleep' one. Ep 15 is going to kill me, but I deny canon absolutely and have the denial bit either written on the page or in my head and I'm a happy camper that way.)

Lord, help my poor soul.
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Ok, so I need one of those word count widget thingumybobs for my het big bang...anyone able to point me in the right direction?

In other news, since I can't do a widget at the moment, can I just record here that my word count at the moment is 6,235 words and that's with it barely begun?

And I also might have totally pulled a JK Rowling and written the last scene first. Well, ok, third, but I have the last scene and the last line and I love it more than I have loved anything I have ever written in a very long time and I'm actually scared how much I love it because what if it's crap?


Suddenly however, making 25k seems bells doable!
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Well, after much procrastination, I have as of this morning signed up for Het Big Bang. Taking the Big Bang option, which I defaulted on last year, the difference being that this year I have
(A) a plot line
(B) righteous fandom anger and the need to fix an event
(C) a lack of children perpetuating common assault in my classroom.

I'm assuming C; I'm certain of A and B.

I really want one of those writers icons with "Lord help my poor soul" superimposed on it...fitting for both the challenge itself and my chosen fandom...

For those of you who didn't guess it from that, I'm doing "The Following", a Mike/Debra fic about how they became closer than anyone guessed on the Carroll case. I have scenes in my head and jotted down for it and have to DL some eps so that I can rewatch and fill in some gaps for myself. But I am really enthusiastic about it and feel like I can get the 25000 words out of it...

Lord help my poor soul.


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