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May. 13th, 2014 08:42 pm
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Bit of a drive by here but two links to oral histories of the West Wing, from the Hollywood Reporter. Most of the stuff will not be new to long time fans but still nice to hear...

West Wing Uncensored

The West Wing cast
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So, looking at stuff on youtube and this comes up....George Strait. And Garth Brooks. On the stage. Singing together. Garth literally taking his hat off to his hero. I got chills.

Also, in YouTubing for the last post, I came across this gem which I had never seen, from the Night Moves special in 1991. Brian Orser and Katarina Witt skating to Lady in Red. It is cheesetastic and mullet-tastic in ways that only 90s skating could be.

And just because, my two favourite bits of this year's CMA Awards --

And also, guess who has this movie winging her way to her on DVD? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!

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That annoying moment where you realise dreamwidth ate your post before you put up another one! So, reconstructing...

I had a long post written and it included how sorry I was to hear about the death of George Jones. And included this link, which is appropriate.

I also shared this gem which I found while looking through the "The Following" tag on tumblr, which is not any longer the hashtag of Rage and Pain, but rather the hashtag of fear and terror. (I can no longer look at any promos/extended promos that are coming out. I've decided; Parker is dead, Mike is evil. If I'm wrong it will be a delicious surprise.)

This is what I found - I just accidentally stumbled upon Mike/Parker fics and I think I might be slightly shipping it.. what is this fuckery.

So I replied...

If they are mine, I’m evilly giggling.
If they are not, please let me know where they are so I know it’s not just me!

And I got back....

Yep, they’re yours! Alas, I haven’t seen any more :(

So I said...

Neither have I which is why I was hopeful!

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep on plugging away myself…

Unless they make Mike a follower, in which case, I’m done.

Or just doing AUs…

Of course, fic has continued for me, this time from the comment_fic "five sentences" prompt: any, any/any, heat.

Title: Heat
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: The Following
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating: R
Word Count: 172
Spoilers : None

Read more... )
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Link of adorable.... Article about Mark Ruffalo finding out Bruce/Tony was a thing in fandom. here. I do love that man.

More WW conversation in the staff room today as J has finally managed to source season two. (Remember the girl who watched the season one finale unknowingly without having two to hand?) She was wondering how long ago it was and does it date itself and while the other girls were guessing, I came out with "Season one was 1999-2000 but the only one that dates itself at all is season three because that aired right after 9-11 and they put in a special episode "Isaac and Ishmael" before they showed the opening two parter." I did not have to think about any of that; they looked at me like I had ten heads. Ah fandom, the years may pass but you never really leave us.

Fic rec! Stargate Atlantis -- pay off Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller, prompt was "this was not your dream, but you always believed in me."
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Busy but productive day yesterday, crowned by the fact that my car passed its NCT, yay!

I did not look at the Superbowl, or tape it, for the first time in years. Hate the Niners, loathe the Ravens, nothing against those of you who follow them, but seriously could not care less. And that power outage would have seriously done me in, from the sounds of it...though I will YouTube Beyonce later!



Jan. 19th, 2013 10:37 am
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Again with the tumblr links, but one of my favourite lines from Nate in NCIS LA this week!

I do not understand why there are not more GIFs of this scene.

Also, despite the fact I've not seen season four, I have spoiled myself for the Fringe finale and am linking myself this article from EW with Michael Cerveris where he talks about the show and the finale. I still love you, Ian Ware!
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Perhaps only smiley-b will care about this but found while surfing YouTube - a St Elsewhere reunion, with a clip of yes, THAT scene!

I refuse to rant about it (though it was, is and e'er will be the most heinous act of hackery perpetuated by writers on an unsuspecting audience. Bobby in the shower? Insert Moffat moment here? They got nothing on the last few minutes of St Elsewhere!) though Chad seems to have a sense of humour about it....
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Despite this being my first post of the year, I am working on witting! OK mostly in my head and needing to be put down on paper/screen but there are thinky thoughts!

Two links to remember -

it's not unwhousual (best comm name ever!) which is a rare pair Doctor Who prompt comm.

Light at the end of the Tunnel which is a Hawaii Five 0 pre canon Steve/Catherine fic looking at how they might have met. It's girl saves boy fic and it is wonderful!


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