Feb. 23rd, 2013 10:05 pm
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This is why I enjoy NCIS LA. Watching ep 4x07 "Skin Deep" and Kensi and Deeks are talking to Rose in autopsy. Rose asks about Nate and Kensi is able to tell her that he's in Europe and he says that he's well. Rose asks if he has any new friends, Kensi replies that he's undercover so they don't know much about his personal life. Sorry.

Yes, you all know where my mind went with that!

That Kensi's face was not green from the autopsy all of a sudden, but from a touch of the green eyed monster. And that whatever Deeks said, she had little intention of passing on Rose's regards!

Also! Kensi is in touch with Nate while he is away and Rose is not! *throws confetti*

Seriously though, fangirl ramblings aside, say what you like about this show, and people, I know, say plenty but continuity people! Not a dirty word!
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I am taking my mind of the imminent/has already happened demise of my iPod (permanent low battery message, though it's been plugged in all day, won't turn on on its own; 3205 songs, multiple playlists none of which are backed up WHERE IS MY WINE????) by wallowing in fandom. I have made some icons and I have been looking through tags on tumblr. Most of this is involved in Nate/Kensi from NCIS LA because everyone should love them and there is this gifset on tumblr which has the scene quoted underneath it and when I tell you I have shipped for way less than that, I have.

Scene from The Bank Job where Kensi tells Nate about her dad.

And because I have been finding screen caps for said icons, I found one that proves, proves, that in episode 1.01, they come down the stairs together at the same time at the end of the episode, going home together at the end of the day. You CANNOT be serious, fandom! OK, I was absent from the early days of NCIS LA fandom, something to do with being hugely pregnant and a new mother and all but COME ON PEOPLE!!!!


My iPod is dead and I am sad. *sniff*
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TV Guide blurb about Peter Cambor and tonight's NCIS Los Angeles

Read more... )

And also, from the tenor of the article, it seems like he leaves in one piece. But if he doesn't? Someone seriously needs to tip me the wink before I watch it. Just saying.
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My dreamwidth has a header! Go me!


Now to see if this hyperlink works....
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So with Himself on a night shift I'm looking at NCIS LA season one to get my Nate voice back... and I am looking at "The Bank Job" and it's the scene where Kensi catches Nate playing her dad's harmonica and she tells him all about her dad's death, and he tells her that her dad would be proud of her... and the way he looks at her and the little interplay and how he just mentions that she doesn't talk about her dad much and then sits down on the windowsill, a wordless invitation, and then when she walks off and he leans forward and looks after her...

I am having ALL THE FEELS and I don't even know how there could be so few (read: damn all) people shipping Nate/Kensi after a scene like that. I mean, what are people looking for???? I have shipped for WAY less than that!

And don't even talk to me about how when he saw her stuff in a box at the start of the ep, he mentions that he finds "hoarders and packrats fascinating. They tend to be closet romantics."

Also? "The blues. I might not look like it, but I got soul." "You should see me play my banjo." He may not be adept at it but that is totally Nate flirting with her.

I have feels people, and I am sober. Pray for me.


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