Jan. 19th, 2013 10:37 am
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Again with the tumblr links, but one of my favourite lines from Nate in NCIS LA this week!

I do not understand why there are not more GIFs of this scene.

Also, despite the fact I've not seen season four, I have spoiled myself for the Fringe finale and am linking myself this article from EW with Michael Cerveris where he talks about the show and the finale. I still love you, Ian Ware!
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So I have watched Paper Soldier, NCIS LA 4x12. (My broadband upgrade? Worth every damn penny of what I'm paying that is less than what I was paying before!)

Thoughts )

I think that may just be the longest fandom related post I've posted in a good long while. Go me!

Promo love!

Jan. 9th, 2013 09:28 pm
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I know what I'll be doing next Wednesday evening... and am at the moment praying that Himself is working a night shift!

Now, of course, if TPTB do the unthinkable and you-know-what you-know-who, I will not be at all upset if one of my lovely online pals who can see the episode while I'm asleep in my bed drop me a line to say "Helsinkibaby, just so you know, you might want to skip this episode and live in denial."

Just sayin'.
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Link to the pics at my tumblr

On the one hand, these pics have me giddy because NATE! Also, it looks as if he'll get to interact with Sam and Callen as well as Hetty-and him and Linda Hunt together will never not be gold. I just hope he gets some Kensi as well. Though who am I kidding, I'm still living off that season two hug! I shall however cross my fingers.

That write up though? Hetty summons Nate to be her pawn? Let's just hope I'm not shaping up for the biggest case of fangirl denial ever!


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