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Here I am again, having been hideously remiss in posting here. I think I say this every time I post here now, don't I?

I miss LJ based fandom!

I have been writing, though my stuff goes up at AO3 these days... I think it's because at the moment I seem to have time to either write and post to AO3 or put stuff up on LJ/DW but not to do both. Though I have a love/hate relationship with the hits counter there, it provided interesting reading this morning, as I filled a lonely prompt for comment fic yesterday - MCU, Steve/Darcy, two blue lines - with 200 odd words of fluff. Waking up this morning, less than 12 hours after putting it up, it has 608 views and 53 kudos. I honestly believe if you added up the hits/kudos of my last ten stories, you would not get those numbers!

Nimoy is currently 6 and up to high doh over Christmas. The Elf on the Shelf has been faithfully moved every night and is currently sitting on the tree, waiting for Santa. Himself is working tomorrow, assuming he can shift the bug he has. (I have a cold, his is so much worse. He says.)

I have not seen any of season 2 of The Flash (but am spoilered!) since I watch that with Himself and we're doing an X Files rewatch before the miniseries in January. Just got to the end of season 8 and I still wish the snow had ended on that shot! Finding myself enjoying the MSR more than I did back in the day. I still adore Skinner and love Doggett, and have a new appreciation for Krycek... How they kept bringing him back and you never knew who he was really loyal to, apart from himself.

I have seen Supergirl, up to ep 7 and am really enjoying it. Some of the writing can be a bit clunky but Melissa Benoist is charming, they're doing a good job with Cat and Kara/James, I am all in for. I thought Lucy would annoy me but not so far. Winn, on the other hand... Yeah. Especially after the end of ep 7. *seethes*

That much said, I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas!
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Tomorrow is Thursday and the only good thing that can be said about this week is that it's going faster than last week which I swear lasted ten weeks all on its own. There's a nice storm brewing outside, Himself is downstairs with a blood pressure monitor on him because, you know, having three discs out in his neck is not medical problem enough for one person, and I'm waiting for Nimoy to fall asleep because she says she's scared of the wind outside. I don't know if she is or if this is tonight's tactic in the never ending war of "Mammy, I'm going to miss you."

This is when I stick on Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This For Long" and play it loud.

Spent last night trying to get caught up on school paperwork, and I now only have one monthly report to do. (Not for nothing does the Irish name for a monthly report have for its first syllable a certain four letter word beginning with C that I never use.) Of course this week is the second of the fortnight so I now get to sit down and do my fortnightly plan, so I'll soon be just as behind again. Oh well. Four weeks to midterm?

In nicer thoughts, here are some random fics posted over the last week or so, all at AO3.

The Enlightened Self Interest Suggestion- Sleepy Hollow, Jenny/Frank, 530 words. Jenny and Frank take a step forward in their relationship. 

A New Life -- The Following, Mike/Debra, 6160 words. As the committee hearings begin, Ryan tries to findsl a way to go on with his life. 

After the End -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 671 words. After the end is where life begins 

what could she have done, being what she is -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 447 words. Jenny has trust issues. 

Battle -- Veronica Mars, Weevil/Veronica, 351 words. Wading into battle. 
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So despite being way behind on UK tv showings, and them being behind the States, I spoiled myself purposely for the SH mid season finale, because reasons. Thoughts behind the cut, spoilers, naturally. unthinky thoughts )

I've not posted here much for the last few weeks but I have still been writing. Lots of Sleepy Hollow, all on my AO3 page. I seem to update that more frequently for some reason, less so here, don't know why.

In a completely other note, Nimoy is five tomorrow. Five! My baby! When did that happen?!
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So since I'm going to a Glee convention tomorrow and it's the season five Nationals episode on Sky One tonight, and since Himself is on a night shift, I decided to look at it.
cut for spoilers, just in case )

In other news, I have successfully completed my online course, which will be nice as I now won't have to be chasing it up the last week in August, which makes a nice change.

Nimoy is starting school in September. Hold me.

I am taking parental leave for the first four weeks so won't be going back until September 29. Just before the holidays, we got served notice of a department inspection. The team will be arriving for a week, guess when? If you said September 29, you get a prize! So my first day back is the first day of the inspection... slightly freaking out about that. The only thing I keep telling myself is that they can't come in to me on the first day, because who would do that? They'll have to leave me until the end of the week (I am hoping they'll run out of time, TBH!) and anything that they say will have to be viewed through the prism of "I am literally 3/4/5 days in this room; I barely know their names yet."

That is my hope; I'll probably still be weeping in the corner on the night of the 28th though!

I have, however, ordered Himself that he MUST be off work on the Saturday of that week. Because there's going to be a hell of a night out on the Friday and I'm not gonna be on Nimoy duty while I'm recovering!
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Just back from watching Veronica Mars movie-thoughts tomorrow!

Just snuggled up with a sleepy little girl who asked me how my trip was. I told her it was very good but I was happy to be home with her.

She replied "And I'm so happy to be here with you Mammy," and turned around and fell back asleep.

Just wanted to share!
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Missed yesterday so here's a two-fer!

12 Okay. Let's be real. We all have lives outside of fandom. What else are you obsessed with, or particularly good at, that most LJ'ers don't know about?

And mind promptly goes blank!

I think most LJers know that I'm a teacher; I'm not sure if they know that I'm very good at maths- I was that girl in the class who didn't have to think about the answer but could just get it and figure it out, and if all else failed looked at the answer and work backwards. I don't know if people know that I like photography and that I'm good at it, even if I don't get to do it as much as I would like...

That really sounds like I'm bragging to me, and I'm not good at that!

13 Post a photo that you love.

Not the best one I've ever taken but this is my little Neverland Pirate all dressed up for Halloween!

Not sure how to post this to DW so the link I hope goes to LJ!
Read more... )
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Not had a Nimoy story here in some time...

So this morning, I left her downstairs playing when I went to get dressed. When I was ready, I went to the top of the stairs and called her to come up so I could get her dressed.

"In a minute!" she calls back.

I can hear her chattering away to her toys so gave her a minute and grabbed her clothes, and I'd just done that when she appears and tells me, "Mammy, I was just making up a story. Because there was a fire in Peppa Pig's house and Fireman Sam had to come and save her."

When I went downstairs with her, sure enough, the Peppa Pig house was out and Jupiter beside it, with Cnady Cat in the crane part and Nimoy proceeds to re-act out the whole story for me.

Three and a half years old and she's making up fanfic - crossovers to boot! Proof I did not take the wrong child home from the hospital!


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