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So I have been reading a lot about people deleting their LJs with the new move to Russian servers, which I can't comment on because I know nothing about it (I will read up, I promise!) and I think this year I've done very little with either LJ or DW but assuming I get back into it in the New Year, which I really want to do, this is me just checking in to say that if I'm not friends with you on DW, I have the same user name over there, so feel free to friend. Or comment here and I'll friend you!!!

Also if anyone knows any comms on DW relevant to my interests, let me know!!

In other news - one day left in this accursed year. So ready for 2017!
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Here I am again, having been hideously remiss in posting here. I think I say this every time I post here now, don't I?

I miss LJ based fandom!

I have been writing, though my stuff goes up at AO3 these days... I think it's because at the moment I seem to have time to either write and post to AO3 or put stuff up on LJ/DW but not to do both. Though I have a love/hate relationship with the hits counter there, it provided interesting reading this morning, as I filled a lonely prompt for comment fic yesterday - MCU, Steve/Darcy, two blue lines - with 200 odd words of fluff. Waking up this morning, less than 12 hours after putting it up, it has 608 views and 53 kudos. I honestly believe if you added up the hits/kudos of my last ten stories, you would not get those numbers!

Nimoy is currently 6 and up to high doh over Christmas. The Elf on the Shelf has been faithfully moved every night and is currently sitting on the tree, waiting for Santa. Himself is working tomorrow, assuming he can shift the bug he has. (I have a cold, his is so much worse. He says.)

I have not seen any of season 2 of The Flash (but am spoilered!) since I watch that with Himself and we're doing an X Files rewatch before the miniseries in January. Just got to the end of season 8 and I still wish the snow had ended on that shot! Finding myself enjoying the MSR more than I did back in the day. I still adore Skinner and love Doggett, and have a new appreciation for Krycek... How they kept bringing him back and you never knew who he was really loyal to, apart from himself.

I have seen Supergirl, up to ep 7 and am really enjoying it. Some of the writing can be a bit clunky but Melissa Benoist is charming, they're doing a good job with Cat and Kara/James, I am all in for. I thought Lucy would annoy me but not so far. Winn, on the other hand... Yeah. Especially after the end of ep 7. *seethes*

That much said, I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas!
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So much for me trying to update LJ/DW more... I fell off the bandwagon on that one rather a lot.

AO3, on the other hand, I've been much better at keeping up with. Any fic I've written (some 18k in January, go me!) is all up there. I've also signed up for February Bingo at one_million_words and am working on completing a card there...

I've not seen anything past 2.09 on Sleepy Hollow, but am spoiled for it and wow. blather under the cut for all US aired eps and spoiler spec for the final )

Myself and Himself are also watching The Flash together and I am really enjoying that. We're watching on SkyUK time and ep 1.10 is back this week, so yay. I am loving Joe, I know that shocks absolutely no one.

Also trying to do an Arrow catch up, two and a half years later... you know you're in trouble when you *know* the ship that sails and you *still* ship something else!
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And as always my NYR is to post here more.... I've been lamenting the lack of journal driven fandom lately and have been really lazy about posting here. AO3 is a different story -24500 words in December people!! - but here not so much. So I'm going to try to change that in the new year, be the change you want to see in the world and all that.

2014 was an up and down year. I got used to teaching 4th class again, dodged being inspected in a WSE, took September for parental leave as Nimoy began school. It ended on a crappy note as Himselfs neck went again, three discs out but it looks like the pain management injections he got on Dec 23rd are having an effect, so that's good. I got a couple of new fandoms - Sleepy Hollow and The Flash - and did one con which I really enjoyed. I'm down to work G5 (the last ever Glee con, or so it's said, though it's been said before!) so that will be the summer sorted.

And since I'm trying to be good and post fic here too, here's the last one of 2014. The story goes, someone posted a link on FB to a tumblr post. Cue me heading to tumblr and falling headlong down the Harry Potter Fred/-Hermione tag. Which sent me to AO3 where there is the same tag. With decent fic and most importantly, romantical's "Red Herring" series which I devoured yesterday. Still just as good!

Then last night, this appeared. ignite the night an OotP missing scene where fireworks are going off outside the Gryffindor common room, and one or two inside too.

Happy new year everyone - hope it's a good one!
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So despite being way behind on UK tv showings, and them being behind the States, I spoiled myself purposely for the SH mid season finale, because reasons. Thoughts behind the cut, spoilers, naturally. unthinky thoughts )

I've not posted here much for the last few weeks but I have still been writing. Lots of Sleepy Hollow, all on my AO3 page. I seem to update that more frequently for some reason, less so here, don't know why.

In a completely other note, Nimoy is five tomorrow. Five! My baby! When did that happen?!
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It has come to my attention that I have lately been writing a lot for comment fic and not posting them here. Apologies! They are all up at AO3, though, for anyone who wants to check them out. It's a whole lot of Frank and Jenny from Sleepy Hollow, because when did I ever go for the conventional ship, though at least this has actually got a canon scene to speak of that launched the ship, to say nothing of one of the actors either actively shipping her pairing or trolling in the extreme, so yeah, there's that.

This is one I just done for a five sentences prompt they had yesterday...

Orders )

The Flash started on Sky One tonight, I may not get a chance to watch it this evening but oh I will. JESSE L MARTIN, people, my excitement cannot be contained!
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So spent much of today doing Mother's Day cards and crafts with ten year olds and being on yard duty. Which is as fun as it sounds. Got asked by one of my colleagues when we were picking up the kids at Montessori if I'd hears about our mutual colleague, MC, who is apparently retiring and had quietly told a few people but had the gaff blown wide open when Fr E announced it from the pulpit today that this would be her last confirmation ceremony. I am very surprised and also a bit WTF because MC is one of the senior teachers to me, which means that when she goes, I am now 5th in seniority in my school. On a staff of close to 30. *boggles*

Still reeling from that, I get the text from the sister to tell me that Television Without Pity are shutting down at the end of the week. Apart from the whole end of an era thing that I have going on, I love the forums over there and the recaps have been a part of my fandom life for as long as I can recall, back to Dawson's Creek days. (Yes. I have been here a long time!) Those recaps saved my bacon on mynah an occasion; there are some fics I could not have written without them.

So that was two, and by the time I saw this evening that Hawaii Five 0 spoiler and discussion within )

And now I go to watch skating!
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Spent a day today with Himself and Nimoy, which included Nimoy's first ever cinema trip. She wanted to see "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy" and since she's got ten stickers on her trying new food chart, that was the treat she picked. Which suited me as we went to the nearby shopping centre where I got a bunch of stuff bought that needed to be bought, had lunch out, did the cinema and came back home. Film was good, she was delighted with herself, a little bit squirmy and restless which I expected, but not to the level that I expected so that is one for the success column.

On the way out, she also got very excited to see the Spider-Man cut outs for the upcoming film, I don't have the heart to tell her it'll be too old for her four year old self. We did get a pic of her beside the display though, apparently we are raising a Geek, as it should be!

The day would have been much better were I not fighting the monthly migraine frome hell, but at least I got through the day and only started to wilt when in the car on the way home, probably made worse from hunger. Himself was ready to stay home this morn but damn it, I had too much to do to be sick! Besides better now than next week because this time next week, we'll be over in England as his parents are 50 years married and it's his birthday the same weekend so we are going over. For this I am missing the Brad Paisley concert in Dublin, I checked and apparently divorce is not an option in cases like this, so on the boat with us!

Then when we come back, it is the Veronica Mars film and I am so looking forward to that. I have read ridiculously little about it and plan to be spoiler free as I can be going into it. We can't see it until Tuesday so tumblr blackout til then I think.

In fannish news, apparently rare_bb has no artists interested in making art so the comm mod is looking for opinions-do we make our own or do without? Which tbh I was worried might happen...I mean, rare is rare for a reason, you know? I figure I'll just say I'm fine to do without and may try making my own if I get a chance, though it may not be before any deadline for the challenge. I'm not having great luck this year with BB and art, the same thing happened with my 5 Things BB. Not going to get all woe is be about it...much!

Although if anyone wants to do a The Following Mike/Debra fanart for it, give me a shout!
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So January was a quiet month, despite my resolution to write here more...oh well.

Signups are now open for Cotton Candy Big Bang Round Two! Considering I got a blackout last time, I've signed up again and am looking forward to it. Case Story progress is going ok, not got much added on the word count but am running it through my head and working out scenes that way, so when I do get a chance to write, it should go a bit smoothly.

Still not seen eps 1 and 2 of The Following, but may look at them back of back with Himself tonight. Am spoiled for them though, because my blood pressure will take nothing less.

Fairly sure there was something else I meant to write here but it's gone. This is my life right now!

But hey! Sochi opening ceremony on Friday! Wheeeee!
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So it would appear that since the last time I posted here, where I mentioned signing up for casestory big bang, I have written the guts of two scenes (both from around the middle of the story) which is currently numbering 3,484 words, out of 10,000. This is kind of making me hopeful that I can actually do this story without tearing my hair out and weeping incoherently in a corner somewhere.

Still have not seen the first ep of season two of The Following as Himself is currently on nights. Cursed night shifts! Tumblr, however, has spoiled me, not that I mind this, because I need to know what's going to happen to my darling Mike Weston, because watching it unspoiled would likely kill me, and I'm not watching it alone, I'm watching it with Himself who frowns on displays of fangirl emotion/squee so I need to be forewarned!

In other news, still behind on all other shows!

Three weeks to midterm!
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First person to get the title reference and comment with it, a pairing and a prompt gets a ficlet. I hope!

Reason for the title? Just announced, Garth Brooks is coming to Ireland. To play Croke Park! In July! Two days before my birthday!!!! It's like he's doing it just for me!!! (Ok and smiley_b and the other 85000 people who will see him each night but leave me my fantasy!)

Happy early birthday!!!

The Following is back on our screens tomorrow, not sure when I'll see it. But I am spoiled, since that show broke my heart last year. Now practising shocked faces for when I see it with Himself.

How much longer til midterm?!


Jan. 18th, 2014 10:53 pm
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Been meaning to post this here for a little while but just got to the computer tonight...

There are no words to say how excited I am to see this series... if I were on twitter I would now be using the following hastag -- #pleasedontsuck . I will not use it for a tag here but know that I am thinking it!
Most of my week's free time has been looking at European Figure Skating championships(the Brits got a bronze you guys,I am excited!) and trying to download some of US Nationals and Canadians which were both on last weekend... my twitter got quite the workout! Loving how Jason Brown's free skate has gone viral- close on 2 million views or something on YouTube? and at least two people linked to it on my Facebook feed, with one of them tagging me in the comments and telling me to check it out... this was Wednesday; I'd already looked at it an obsessively huge amount of times. Ah, normals.

And The Following starts back in the US on Sunday, here on Tuesday and my period of denial must surely come to an end. *moments silence for the denial* OTOH, any advance press I've read about it has Kevin Williamson telling us that it's not going to be the same show as season one so there may be wiggle room for my denial if I indeed treat it as an entirely new show??? If not, well, what the hell, it's not like I'm a stranger to AU...
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Happy new year to all on my friends list - I hope 2014 is kind to you all and brings everything you've dreamed of!

I don't make New Year's Resolutions as a rule but the one I want to try to make is to post here more often and to write every day... The stats feature on AO3 tells me that this year I put 123,815 words up on that site - that's a staggering amount, more than I've written any year certainly in the last four and I really want to try to keep that up. (I thought I'd put some old stuff up and not backdated it but when I checked, there was only one story which clocked in at 11k, which is off set by the two big bangs I've currently got 16k on. So my writing count for this year is over 125k which is awesome to me!)

I'm also really proud I got Het Big Bang completed, I would definitely, muses willing, participate in that again next year!

Hope it's a good one everyone!
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I have not written anything in ages but tonight I have done a couple hundred words in one of the Big Bangs I signed up for and lost the thread of. I'm trying to tell myself that is a good thing.

Mid term break is upon us and I'm going to enjoy the break - rest is the wrong word with a Nimoy on the scene. That was a long ass 8 weeks and it's not going to get easier, I feel, between now and Christmas.

I have other thoughts which elude me. Oh well.
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First post in a while because being back to work and having 4th class for the first time in 13 years, to say nothing of Nimoy starting playschool, is more or less kicking my ass at the moment. On the bright side, our school got designated a polling station and we have the Seanad referendum on October 4th, so hello day off! Civic duty FTW!

I don't seem to have linked this fic here which surprises me as I found it during the summer... it's Glee, Puck/Rachel, Paradigm Shift by [profile] countrygirl_914, a future AU where Puck and Rachel are cops and it is glorious.

Still trying to read some of the Het Big Bang fics I want to read... my brain, it cannot handle the length. I am so ready for September to be over!
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Off to England in the morning for 9 days. Expecting Internet time to be very limited. 3 days near Himself's parents, 3 days to ourselves, 3 more days near Himself's parents. Will be grand.

I hope.
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This post is preventative against the suckage that may be my day, since I am back to work today.

I wish to remind myself that in my two weeks of Easter holidays, I broke 10,000 words on my case story (not finished, needs a bit more case to the story but word count met at any rate).

More importantly, I now have a potty trained daughter. Nearly killed us both, but we got there!
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Himself is out playing pool, daughter asleep upstairs. Turned on computer to get to do some stuff on it - put songs on so they can be put on my new iPod, reconstruct playlists, that sort of thing. Instead it's stuck on stage 3 of 3 m updates ( assembling service pack) so I am on the ipad instead. On the bright side, I do have Evernote on this so I can still work on my case story big bang because I have six weeks, five thousand words but very little case written and I have Teh Fear.

Also, I just ordered, finally, seasons one and two of Veronica Mars, so yay for that! I never got them back in he day because I was living at home and the sister had them so why have two in the house right? That said, I dont know when I'll get a chance to rewatch them but it will be nice to have them!

Is anyone here watching The Following? Because despite my resolve not to take any new shows on, Hmself decided he wanted to watch this so we are looking at it together. A bit behind, I think we saw ep 7 last night, but I am loving it. Can't find much of a fandom for it though, very little on LJ, a smattering of fic on AO3 and bits on tumblr ( and sidebar, maybe I'm doing tumblr wrong but Christ on a bike, how do people *find* anything there, in any kind of structured way? Is it possible or am I old?) -- and as with most of fandom these days, it is all about the slash. Jacob/Paul, which ok, canon. Ryan/Mike, which I can actually see but not ship. Very little het, Ryan/Clare mostly, a few holdouts for Ryan/Debra which is only mentioned on tumblr with no fic etc attached. And none for my new pairing which comes from ep 6 of Mike and Debra and yes I know, I now there is nothing to support it onscreen but I once wrote 92000 words of CSI Sara/Lockwood fic, I have indeed been a fool for lesser things!
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Delighted with the news about the Veronica Mars movie... Looking forward to seeing how it pans out and because it needs to be said, well done fandom!

Trying to see some of Figure Skating worlds, have men's short taped but saw the top 3 on Facebook this morning, went "Holy smokes" and promptly hit YouTube. Awesome! Hoping for good things in the dance!

Sherlock rec - Five Men Molly Hooper Loved (And One Who Stayed. Character study, Molly/Lestrade
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Busy but productive day yesterday, crowned by the fact that my car passed its NCT, yay!

I did not look at the Superbowl, or tape it, for the first time in years. Hate the Niners, loathe the Ravens, nothing against those of you who follow them, but seriously could not care less. And that power outage would have seriously done me in, from the sounds of it...though I will YouTube Beyonce later!



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