Apr. 9th, 2015 11:16 pm
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It is done and I did it!
or at least the first draft is.

Case Story 5.0, Sleepy Hollow, Frank / Jenny, 11,642 words of erasing season two from canon.

Achievement unlocked!
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So much for me trying to update LJ/DW more... I fell off the bandwagon on that one rather a lot.

AO3, on the other hand, I've been much better at keeping up with. Any fic I've written (some 18k in January, go me!) is all up there. I've also signed up for February Bingo at one_million_words and am working on completing a card there...

I've not seen anything past 2.09 on Sleepy Hollow, but am spoiled for it and wow. blather under the cut for all US aired eps and spoiler spec for the final )

Myself and Himself are also watching The Flash together and I am really enjoying that. We're watching on SkyUK time and ep 1.10 is back this week, so yay. I am loving Joe, I know that shocks absolutely no one.

Also trying to do an Arrow catch up, two and a half years later... you know you're in trouble when you *know* the ship that sails and you *still* ship something else!
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Spoiling myself for Sleepy Hollow... The synopsis for 2.16 is out and Ive never been so happy and so scared at once!

excerpt and blather )
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So Himself is all virusy and went to bed at the same time as the child. Which left me sitting downstairs and I did not do my paperwork for work, oh no.

Because a couple of days ago I got plot bunnied thanks to tumblr for a plot that would do me for Case Story Big Bang 5.0 - basically and this could get Jossed so badly in a few hours while I'm sleeping, it's Sleepy Hollow having history rewritten, and the opening scene is literally Frank and Jenny having a Bobby and Pam in the shower moment, and I have currently written 1556 words with no actual case written yet...

So yay?!
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So I'm catching up on Sleepy Hollow and...

thinky thoughts )
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So despite being way behind on UK tv showings, and them being behind the States, I spoiled myself purposely for the SH mid season finale, because reasons. Thoughts behind the cut, spoilers, naturally. unthinky thoughts )

I've not posted here much for the last few weeks but I have still been writing. Lots of Sleepy Hollow, all on my AO3 page. I seem to update that more frequently for some reason, less so here, don't know why.

In a completely other note, Nimoy is five tomorrow. Five! My baby! When did that happen?!
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So back in the day, ten or so years ago, someone asked me to rewrite the Jake 2.0 episode "Middleman" through the prism of my Kyle/Diane series.

I started it and never finished it, until now.

The fic in question is Agent Green Eyes and that's the AO3 link.

I also have all the other stories uploaded to AO3 and that link is here

This is what I've been doing as well as current writing projects, ie the NCIS LA Big Bang which is only 5000 words and I have 3000 done and nowhere near the meat of the story so yay?

I also have a plot bunny for a The Following fic as Himself and myself are finally looking at season two, and I'm looking at a 21 Jump Street fic for smallfandombang.

I have also mainlined season nine of Criminal Minds and am having all the JJ/Cruz feels. I'm currently going through season one of Sleepy Hollow which can be summed up thusly OMFG I love it so much, why did I wait this long to watch the whole season, Ichabod never leave me! Abbie is awesome - can I retrospectively name Nimoy after her? And after the scene in the Thanksgiving episode where they are interrupted by his BitchEx, I would ship Jenny Mills and Frank Irving like FedEx!


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