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First person to get the title reference and comment with it, a pairing and a prompt gets a ficlet. I hope!

Reason for the title? Just announced, Garth Brooks is coming to Ireland. To play Croke Park! In July! Two days before my birthday!!!! It's like he's doing it just for me!!! (Ok and smiley_b and the other 85000 people who will see him each night but leave me my fantasy!)

Happy early birthday!!!

The Following is back on our screens tomorrow, not sure when I'll see it. But I am spoiled, since that show broke my heart last year. Now practising shocked faces for when I see it with Himself.

How much longer til midterm?!


Jan. 18th, 2014 10:53 pm
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Been meaning to post this here for a little while but just got to the computer tonight...

There are no words to say how excited I am to see this series... if I were on twitter I would now be using the following hastag -- #pleasedontsuck . I will not use it for a tag here but know that I am thinking it!
Most of my week's free time has been looking at European Figure Skating championships(the Brits got a bronze you guys,I am excited!) and trying to download some of US Nationals and Canadians which were both on last weekend... my twitter got quite the workout! Loving how Jason Brown's free skate has gone viral- close on 2 million views or something on YouTube? and at least two people linked to it on my Facebook feed, with one of them tagging me in the comments and telling me to check it out... this was Wednesday; I'd already looked at it an obsessively huge amount of times. Ah, normals.

And The Following starts back in the US on Sunday, here on Tuesday and my period of denial must surely come to an end. *moments silence for the denial* OTOH, any advance press I've read about it has Kevin Williamson telling us that it's not going to be the same show as season one so there may be wiggle room for my denial if I indeed treat it as an entirely new show??? If not, well, what the hell, it's not like I'm a stranger to AU...
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14 Write about your first fandom crush(es). (Post a picture of them if you can!)

I've been trying to think of this one and I honestly keep coming back to it, though it's not a fandom as such... but I've loved Brian Orser since the 1984 Olympics when I was seven and I love him still to this day. (I have rooted for skaters I don't even know because I saw him send them out.)

I can't post a pic on DW, so here, have a video. This is Brian's last Canadian Stars on Ice tour and the music is I Believe in Happy Endings/The Story of my Life by Neil Diamond. Grab a tissue before you press play.

15 We're halfway there and it's a Friday! Just pimp something you've made and/or written. (And if you haven't written/made anything, pimp something from someone else that you love!)

I'm going to have to go with the thing I'm proudest of lately, the longest thing that I've written in an age: my Het Big Bang entry. It's The Following, Mike Weston/Debra Parker and it's the season written from their POVs. The summary read In "Chapter Two", it was Parker and Ma'am. In "The Final Chapter", he called her Deb. This is how Mike Weston and Debra Parker got from there to here The end scene was the third one written and I love it.

Warmer for the Spark

And to continue the pimpage, this is the marvellous art that [personal profile] twisted_slinky did for it.

Marvellous art that made me squee
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So, Jessica Stroup, Silver from 90210, has been cast in The Following season two as Ryan Hardy's niece, an officer (detective? not sure but hardly?) in the NYPD intel office, who will be a help to Ryan as the case progresses. She was about the only one I could stand in season one of 90210 so yay.

Further spoilers- from Kristin dos Santos when asked about my beloved Mike-

His status in the premiere: Butting heads with the boss’ niece! In case you didn’t already know, season two will introduce us to Ryan Hardy’s niece, and she gets off on the wrong foot with Weston. But, their back and forth banter is definitely leaning toward the “sparks fly” side of things. Weston getting involved with Ryan’s niece? That’s probably not a good idea, but the fallout from it will be so deliciously entertaining!

Article linked by Ausiello, with the same theme here - a thin line between hate and doing it is the actual quote.

Can we all see my conflict?

On the one hand, Silver (as she was in season 1 90210) yay!

Sparks with Mike? Yay!

On the other hand... DEBRA!!!!!!

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My mum in law just hang and us halfway through the season finale of The Following.

I answered the phone, made conversation, handed it over to Himself.

I am shaking and traumatised and I feel I should get some credit for framing sentences right about now.

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11,402 words out of 25,000.

This is my progress in a week on my Het Big Bang story. Tonight has been about scanning through two eps on the computer for dialogue that the TWoP recaps (which are saving my bacon, no pun intended) cannot give me, as well as looking back at the subtext that started this insanity in the first place. That word count includes the dialogue but no action/thoughts/retconning that need to be done to it, so I'm a happy camper right about now, I know at least another 2000 words that can go on to that.

I still have not watched the last two eps. Himself and myself are watching it together and he doesn't know I'm spoiled but I just told him that I'd rather see the two eps back to back because I don't know what the writers will do so we're leaving a block of time free after Princess goes to bed on Friday night. (In reality? I know where ep 14 ends and it's definitely a 'don't look at it before you go to sleep' one. Ep 15 is going to kill me, but I deny canon absolutely and have the denial bit either written on the page or in my head and I'm a happy camper that way.)

Lord, help my poor soul.
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That annoying moment where you realise dreamwidth ate your post before you put up another one! So, reconstructing...

I had a long post written and it included how sorry I was to hear about the death of George Jones. And included this link, which is appropriate.

I also shared this gem which I found while looking through the "The Following" tag on tumblr, which is not any longer the hashtag of Rage and Pain, but rather the hashtag of fear and terror. (I can no longer look at any promos/extended promos that are coming out. I've decided; Parker is dead, Mike is evil. If I'm wrong it will be a delicious surprise.)

This is what I found - I just accidentally stumbled upon Mike/Parker fics and I think I might be slightly shipping it.. what is this fuckery.

So I replied...

If they are mine, I’m evilly giggling.
If they are not, please let me know where they are so I know it’s not just me!

And I got back....

Yep, they’re yours! Alas, I haven’t seen any more :(

So I said...

Neither have I which is why I was hopeful!

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep on plugging away myself…

Unless they make Mike a follower, in which case, I’m done.

Or just doing AUs…

Of course, fic has continued for me, this time from the comment_fic "five sentences" prompt: any, any/any, heat.

Title: Heat
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: The Following
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating: R
Word Count: 172
Spoilers : None

Read more... )
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The Following has eaten my brain. Which sounds plausible when you consider content of said show. Spec under cut.
Read more... )

My brain is a scary place.
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I just looked at the promo for the season finale of The Following.

Read more... )

In non spoilers summary and conclusion, Promo Monkeys, you do your job well. Damn you.


Apr. 23rd, 2013 08:49 am
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So, because I'm watching it with Himself and he is away this weekend and I don't know when I will get to see it and also because of blood pressure issues, this morning I spoiled myself but good for ep 1.14 of The Following. Having read a couple of reviews, the TWoP forums and the tumblr tag Read more... )


Apr. 17th, 2013 08:33 pm
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Attempting to put as many Following gif links from tumblr in an easy to find space as I can...because dude, who made the tags on tumblr? Do they really not work or am I doing it wrong?

Parental influence defines us

Paraphrasing Ted Bundy -- it's the look Mike and Debra share in the last pic!

Knock me down... - again, it's the last gif!

Mike Weston - Angel Boy

Yes Ma'am

Need one of the hospital scene...will go looking tomorrow!
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If this works, there will be a promo for Monday nights episode of The Following 1x13, Havenport.

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Another go at case story, and I have 9,300 words and nowhere near an ending, things is looking good! Gonna break on the scene I've just finished and go back to it tomorrow night. I still need to flesh out a couple of scenes in my head that still need to be written and figure out how they catch the bad guy, but from there I should make 10,000 easy. Whew! I did not want to default on another big bang!

Speaking of, het_bigbang starts sign ups in May. Is it a bad thing that I have spent the last two days outlining in my head a big The Following Mike/Debra thing that could easily, oh so easily, be horribly Jossed in the remaining 4/5 eps that I still have to see/be broadcast? On the bright side, I think I could get close to the 25,000 with it, I'm reasonably sure I could get to the 10 if they do a mini bang edition... at this point in time, I'm just playing with it, not going near even a sketch of an outline until case story is done and 5 Things as well... but yeah, considering diving in again. To be honest, it's not so much the lack of plot/story/word count affecting me this time, it's The Fear. Because I'm convinced one or other of them is a Follower and/or one or other of them is going to die. Either one of which kills me and my story but mostly me.

Here, have a link to a tumblr post with a gif of them interacting! Yes Ma'am

And here's an obviously out-take picture of them where they are smiling! Cause they don't do that much on the show!ETA:Embedding did not work so have a hyperlink. Smiles!

Yep, things is bad.
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I have spent a good amount of time today looking at tumblr, when herself lets me, looking at Mike Weston GIFs. I cannot remember the last time I was this smitten by a character, watching first run with more or less the rest of what little fandom there is for this show. Good times. Unless he is a follower, which might just make me die a little inside.

Here is an interview with my woobie..because man, the whumping is canon! Mike Weston has changed --spoiler redacted in the title, just in case!

Am fairly sure I had other things to talk about, but not so much apparently.
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Himself is out playing pool, daughter asleep upstairs. Turned on computer to get to do some stuff on it - put songs on so they can be put on my new iPod, reconstruct playlists, that sort of thing. Instead it's stuck on stage 3 of 3 m updates ( assembling service pack) so I am on the ipad instead. On the bright side, I do have Evernote on this so I can still work on my case story big bang because I have six weeks, five thousand words but very little case written and I have Teh Fear.

Also, I just ordered, finally, seasons one and two of Veronica Mars, so yay for that! I never got them back in he day because I was living at home and the sister had them so why have two in the house right? That said, I dont know when I'll get a chance to rewatch them but it will be nice to have them!

Is anyone here watching The Following? Because despite my resolve not to take any new shows on, Hmself decided he wanted to watch this so we are looking at it together. A bit behind, I think we saw ep 7 last night, but I am loving it. Can't find much of a fandom for it though, very little on LJ, a smattering of fic on AO3 and bits on tumblr ( and sidebar, maybe I'm doing tumblr wrong but Christ on a bike, how do people *find* anything there, in any kind of structured way? Is it possible or am I old?) -- and as with most of fandom these days, it is all about the slash. Jacob/Paul, which ok, canon. Ryan/Mike, which I can actually see but not ship. Very little het, Ryan/Clare mostly, a few holdouts for Ryan/Debra which is only mentioned on tumblr with no fic etc attached. And none for my new pairing which comes from ep 6 of Mike and Debra and yes I know, I now there is nothing to support it onscreen but I once wrote 92000 words of CSI Sara/Lockwood fic, I have indeed been a fool for lesser things!


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