Aug. 25th, 2017 10:07 pm
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So I haven't posted a huge amount of fic here lately but I'm posting the link on AO3 to the one I've just posted because I think it's worth commemoration...

late to the party (but catching up fast) (2336 words) by helsinkibaby
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Flying Doctors
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tom Callaghan/Chris Randall
Characters: Tom Callaghan, Chris Randall, Geoffrey Standish, Dimitris "DJ" Goanidis
Additional Tags: Romance, Het, Canon Het Relationship, post ep, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

When Chris turns down the job of a lifetime, Tom finally figures something out.

This fic? Puts me over the TWO MILLION WORDS mark on AO3.

Which, yes, it's not all the fic I've written, there's a hell of a lot on the old Band Gazebo site which has now vanished off the internet (but is all on a hard drive, waiting to be uploaded if I ever get around to it) so I know there's tonnes more words published by me out there.

But for once I'm unashamedly blowing my own trumpet here!
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So I decided to drop out of the Het Big Bang for this year. It's been a pretty shite year at work which sapped a lot of my mojo for anything longer than a comment fic piece and the 9k of words that I have will never be stretched to 25k by the end of August. Which sucks because I hate dropping out of things, I love the Het Big Bang challenge and I actually know exactly how I want the story to go - it's just that every time I sit down to write anything on it, my brain goes "Nope" and I end up staring at a blank screen.

On the other hand, I started a completely different fic yesterday, just writing out a snippet of something that came into my head and I now have *checks word counter* 7,127 words of angsty fluffy plot with a few other scenes in my head that will need to be written to make it work as an actual fic that makes sense and stuff. The irony that I could have just pulled a switcheroo and declared this for the Het Big Bang Mini Bang option is not lost on me, alas I had already filled out the poll by the time I realised that I'd written 5000 words in 12 hours. Plus it's a literal fandom of two, but hey it is making me happy and not much has done that this year so yeah.
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Oh Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom, you are your own crazy beast. I filled a couple of Steve/Darcy prompts at comment fic this week... Tonight's one has been up a little over an hour, I literally wrote it and posted it and currently it's at 127 hits and 20 kudos, one comment. The one I did on Monday? Is a one sentence fill. It is 69 words long. Current stats? 502 hits, 38 kudos. Compared to things I have slaved over, like the one I did for The Flash Big Bang (I still like my Mama West head canon more than the shows!) which is 13k words, 89 hits and 5 kudos!

This is one of those fandom things that I guess could make you crazy if you looked too deep into it, right?

In other fandom news, RTE are getting X Files the day after the States which makes it easy to be spoiler free for it... We just looked at the third ep tonight (Himself was out last night) and thoughts )
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Here I am again, having been hideously remiss in posting here. I think I say this every time I post here now, don't I?

I miss LJ based fandom!

I have been writing, though my stuff goes up at AO3 these days... I think it's because at the moment I seem to have time to either write and post to AO3 or put stuff up on LJ/DW but not to do both. Though I have a love/hate relationship with the hits counter there, it provided interesting reading this morning, as I filled a lonely prompt for comment fic yesterday - MCU, Steve/Darcy, two blue lines - with 200 odd words of fluff. Waking up this morning, less than 12 hours after putting it up, it has 608 views and 53 kudos. I honestly believe if you added up the hits/kudos of my last ten stories, you would not get those numbers!

Nimoy is currently 6 and up to high doh over Christmas. The Elf on the Shelf has been faithfully moved every night and is currently sitting on the tree, waiting for Santa. Himself is working tomorrow, assuming he can shift the bug he has. (I have a cold, his is so much worse. He says.)

I have not seen any of season 2 of The Flash (but am spoilered!) since I watch that with Himself and we're doing an X Files rewatch before the miniseries in January. Just got to the end of season 8 and I still wish the snow had ended on that shot! Finding myself enjoying the MSR more than I did back in the day. I still adore Skinner and love Doggett, and have a new appreciation for Krycek... How they kept bringing him back and you never knew who he was really loyal to, apart from himself.

I have seen Supergirl, up to ep 7 and am really enjoying it. Some of the writing can be a bit clunky but Melissa Benoist is charming, they're doing a good job with Cat and Kara/James, I am all in for. I thought Lucy would annoy me but not so far. Winn, on the other hand... Yeah. Especially after the end of ep 7. *seethes*

That much said, I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas!


Aug. 12th, 2015 11:21 pm
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Stolen from many! :

I currently have 672 works archived at Ao3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 672 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

I don't know what scares me more, the number or that it is but a drop in the ocean of the number of fics that I have written that have disappeared off my old site and may never be updated on AO3!
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So, I just posted a fic to AO3 that I did for comment_fic. It's MCU, Rhodey/Maria and I don't expect anyone to rush off and read it.

I mention this, however, because I check my stats page every so often, especially with updating counts for one_million_words and this fic?

Puts me over 100,000 posted words for the year.


I also have 11k of a Case Story Big Bang to post and I'm working on two longer Flash fics, one of which I know I can get to 10k for The Flash Big Bang, the other I am now thinking will sail pretty close to, if not well over, the 25k I would need for Het Big Bang,

*further boggles*

Which means I should not type the next sentence, but if anyone wants to prompt me for anything? Apparently there are words in my world and you might get something!

Big Bangs

Apr. 13th, 2015 08:37 pm
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So... This is going to be a thing, The Flash Big Bang. Which I think I may end up signing to because I have a notion that I spoke of last week spoilers for ep1.15 out of time and potential future eps IDK behind here )

Sign ups open tomorrow for anyone interested. Not sure how it'll all work out on the tumblr end of things but that may be because I personally am tumblr illiterate but let's see what the interest is!

Then there is Het Big Bang/Little Bang running again. And I have to ask because I just saw The Odyssey in my Arrow season one rewatch and seriously, how do you watch that and not ship Diggle/Felicity, I do not understand, it literally made me wibble to see their ArrowCave interactions.

So yeah, question.

Is there anyone out there who would read a season one alternate events type thing that may or may not tie in with the timeline on the show I'll let you know when I rewatch it, that would be either 10k or 25k of Diggle/Felicity realising they are meant for each other? Because I kinda want to write it (and without having a piece of paper in front of me to throw ideas at, I think I can get to 10 pretty ok with it, what is my life, help me) but I'd like to know that someone, even one person, will read it!

Why do I do this to myself?


Apr. 9th, 2015 11:16 pm
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It is done and I did it!
or at least the first draft is.

Case Story 5.0, Sleepy Hollow, Frank / Jenny, 11,642 words of erasing season two from canon.

Achievement unlocked!
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So Himself is all virusy and went to bed at the same time as the child. Which left me sitting downstairs and I did not do my paperwork for work, oh no.

Because a couple of days ago I got plot bunnied thanks to tumblr for a plot that would do me for Case Story Big Bang 5.0 - basically and this could get Jossed so badly in a few hours while I'm sleeping, it's Sleepy Hollow having history rewritten, and the opening scene is literally Frank and Jenny having a Bobby and Pam in the shower moment, and I have currently written 1556 words with no actual case written yet...

So yay?!
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More from comment fic...

Any Space Fandom, any/any + any, "You know? How do you know?" "They do say that gossip travels faster than light."
a dream I never gave up on, ST TNG, Geordi/Tasha

West Wing, Leo/Ainsley, reuniting during Santos' campaign.

I also, instead of doing my monthly reports last night, apparently wrote 2000+ words of Jirving coffeehouse AU fic, and am currently writing a fill for a comment fic prompt that is way too long for comment fic that is for The Flash... so that happened!
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So back in the day, ten or so years ago, someone asked me to rewrite the Jake 2.0 episode "Middleman" through the prism of my Kyle/Diane series.

I started it and never finished it, until now.

The fic in question is Agent Green Eyes and that's the AO3 link.

I also have all the other stories uploaded to AO3 and that link is here

This is what I've been doing as well as current writing projects, ie the NCIS LA Big Bang which is only 5000 words and I have 3000 done and nowhere near the meat of the story so yay?

I also have a plot bunny for a The Following fic as Himself and myself are finally looking at season two, and I'm looking at a 21 Jump Street fic for smallfandombang.

I have also mainlined season nine of Criminal Minds and am having all the JJ/Cruz feels. I'm currently going through season one of Sleepy Hollow which can be summed up thusly OMFG I love it so much, why did I wait this long to watch the whole season, Ichabod never leave me! Abbie is awesome - can I retrospectively name Nimoy after her? And after the scene in the Thanksgiving episode where they are interrupted by his BitchEx, I would ship Jenny Mills and Frank Irving like FedEx!
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So, Himself is away for the weekend and I've been going over my AO3 account and uploading older stories to it (lots of West Wing stuff, the whole of Novembers Past, some stuff from LJ, and tomorrow I'm planning on taking a punt at Tests of Faith) and something made me click the statistics button tonight and momentous moments ahoy....

I have over one million words of fanfic up on AO3 and there are I don't know how many stories that I put up on my old site that are not there.

I'm kinda staggered.

So with that in mind...

Anyone who wants a particular story put back up on AO3? Hit me in the comments and I'll shoot it up to the top of the queue!


PROMPT ME! - give me a show, a pairing/character and a prompt and I'll see what I can do!
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Stolen from [personal profile] leobrat ... a little something to keep me posting as I seem to have fallen off the wagon on that a little bit!

Give me a character I will tell you:

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon
* Something about them I consider true, though it's just head canon/fanon

In other words, have cracked 7000 on my Case Fic Big Bang story - I need to get to 10K and there's a few vital scenes that still have to be written so I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Which is normally the rock on which I perish but drafts (I'm not sure if that's full draft or 80% thereof) have to be in on May 1st so I'm trying to chip away at that as much as I can.

I also signed up for the April challenge on 1_million_words and got three songs to write fic on. I've got two of them done and ideas for the third but am still running it through my head to see which angle I want to take on it... there are a few notions there and I'm trying to work out if they're all the one story or a few different ones. We shall see. (They're all The Following, the first two are definitely Mike/Debra and the third will either be that or Deb gen/backstory, depending on how things go.)
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Spent a day today with Himself and Nimoy, which included Nimoy's first ever cinema trip. She wanted to see "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy" and since she's got ten stickers on her trying new food chart, that was the treat she picked. Which suited me as we went to the nearby shopping centre where I got a bunch of stuff bought that needed to be bought, had lunch out, did the cinema and came back home. Film was good, she was delighted with herself, a little bit squirmy and restless which I expected, but not to the level that I expected so that is one for the success column.

On the way out, she also got very excited to see the Spider-Man cut outs for the upcoming film, I don't have the heart to tell her it'll be too old for her four year old self. We did get a pic of her beside the display though, apparently we are raising a Geek, as it should be!

The day would have been much better were I not fighting the monthly migraine frome hell, but at least I got through the day and only started to wilt when in the car on the way home, probably made worse from hunger. Himself was ready to stay home this morn but damn it, I had too much to do to be sick! Besides better now than next week because this time next week, we'll be over in England as his parents are 50 years married and it's his birthday the same weekend so we are going over. For this I am missing the Brad Paisley concert in Dublin, I checked and apparently divorce is not an option in cases like this, so on the boat with us!

Then when we come back, it is the Veronica Mars film and I am so looking forward to that. I have read ridiculously little about it and plan to be spoiler free as I can be going into it. We can't see it until Tuesday so tumblr blackout til then I think.

In fannish news, apparently rare_bb has no artists interested in making art so the comm mod is looking for opinions-do we make our own or do without? Which tbh I was worried might happen...I mean, rare is rare for a reason, you know? I figure I'll just say I'm fine to do without and may try making my own if I get a chance, though it may not be before any deadline for the challenge. I'm not having great luck this year with BB and art, the same thing happened with my 5 Things BB. Not going to get all woe is be about it...much!

Although if anyone wants to do a The Following Mike/Debra fanart for it, give me a shout!
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So January was a quiet month, despite my resolution to write here more...oh well.

Signups are now open for Cotton Candy Big Bang Round Two! Considering I got a blackout last time, I've signed up again and am looking forward to it. Case Story progress is going ok, not got much added on the word count but am running it through my head and working out scenes that way, so when I do get a chance to write, it should go a bit smoothly.

Still not seen eps 1 and 2 of The Following, but may look at them back of back with Himself tonight. Am spoiled for them though, because my blood pressure will take nothing less.

Fairly sure there was something else I meant to write here but it's gone. This is my life right now!

But hey! Sochi opening ceremony on Friday! Wheeeee!
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So it would appear that since the last time I posted here, where I mentioned signing up for casestory big bang, I have written the guts of two scenes (both from around the middle of the story) which is currently numbering 3,484 words, out of 10,000. This is kind of making me hopeful that I can actually do this story without tearing my hair out and weeping incoherently in a corner somewhere.

Still have not seen the first ep of season two of The Following as Himself is currently on nights. Cursed night shifts! Tumblr, however, has spoiled me, not that I mind this, because I need to know what's going to happen to my darling Mike Weston, because watching it unspoiled would likely kill me, and I'm not watching it alone, I'm watching it with Himself who frowns on displays of fangirl emotion/squee so I need to be forewarned!

In other news, still behind on all other shows!

Three weeks to midterm!


Jan. 21st, 2014 09:22 pm
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So I may have just signed up for the Case Story Big Bang.

Lord, help my poor soul.

However, I have a plot that is somewhat case-y. I have a scribbled set of notes that look like they could get me to 10,000 words. I have notions and snippets of lines. And I have til May 1st to turn in a rough draft.

This is doable. Right? RIGHT?


Jan. 9th, 2014 11:15 pm
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That annoying moment where you realise that you signed up for a Big Bang, didn't friend the comm, missed all the check ins and therefore dropped out by default.

I wish I could say this is the first time it's happened but it's not. Someday I will learn.

OTOH, it's the kidfic one and the story's not going to be finished by the deadline and I'm not sure it even qualifies anymore anyway but man I'm annoyed with myself!

Lesson learned, let's put it that way! In future, I'm friending first, signing up later! longer my hair colour, but my permanent state of mind!
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Happy new year to all on my friends list - I hope 2014 is kind to you all and brings everything you've dreamed of!

I don't make New Year's Resolutions as a rule but the one I want to try to make is to post here more often and to write every day... The stats feature on AO3 tells me that this year I put 123,815 words up on that site - that's a staggering amount, more than I've written any year certainly in the last four and I really want to try to keep that up. (I thought I'd put some old stuff up and not backdated it but when I checked, there was only one story which clocked in at 11k, which is off set by the two big bangs I've currently got 16k on. So my writing count for this year is over 125k which is awesome to me!)

I'm also really proud I got Het Big Bang completed, I would definitely, muses willing, participate in that again next year!

Hope it's a good one everyone!


Oct. 30th, 2013 09:17 pm
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Apologies for the multiple posts tonight and for spamming people's flists, but I got a very nice hint from [profile] humascot (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, I swear!!!!!!) who reminded me that I had begun posting the Dark Horses series here and I'd never gone back to it. (She was way nicer about it and way more hinty; this is my interpretation of it!) So when Himself texted and said no, he wasn't going out playing snooker tomorrow but tonight instead, I said to myself, I said, it's a sign. Ergo I turned on the computer and began copying and pasting.

Like I said, apologies.

Any issues with any of the stories, please let me know in the comments!

Now, is there anything else I should be back-posting?

(Not tonight, I swear)


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