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Tomorrow is Thursday and the only good thing that can be said about this week is that it's going faster than last week which I swear lasted ten weeks all on its own. There's a nice storm brewing outside, Himself is downstairs with a blood pressure monitor on him because, you know, having three discs out in his neck is not medical problem enough for one person, and I'm waiting for Nimoy to fall asleep because she says she's scared of the wind outside. I don't know if she is or if this is tonight's tactic in the never ending war of "Mammy, I'm going to miss you."

This is when I stick on Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This For Long" and play it loud.

Spent last night trying to get caught up on school paperwork, and I now only have one monthly report to do. (Not for nothing does the Irish name for a monthly report have for its first syllable a certain four letter word beginning with C that I never use.) Of course this week is the second of the fortnight so I now get to sit down and do my fortnightly plan, so I'll soon be just as behind again. Oh well. Four weeks to midterm?

In nicer thoughts, here are some random fics posted over the last week or so, all at AO3.

The Enlightened Self Interest Suggestion- Sleepy Hollow, Jenny/Frank, 530 words. Jenny and Frank take a step forward in their relationship. 

A New Life -- The Following, Mike/Debra, 6160 words. As the committee hearings begin, Ryan tries to findsl a way to go on with his life. 

After the End -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 671 words. After the end is where life begins 

what could she have done, being what she is -- Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny, 447 words. Jenny has trust issues. 

Battle -- Veronica Mars, Weevil/Veronica, 351 words. Wading into battle. 
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So since I'm going to a Glee convention tomorrow and it's the season five Nationals episode on Sky One tonight, and since Himself is on a night shift, I decided to look at it.
cut for spoilers, just in case )

In other news, I have successfully completed my online course, which will be nice as I now won't have to be chasing it up the last week in August, which makes a nice change.

Nimoy is starting school in September. Hold me.

I am taking parental leave for the first four weeks so won't be going back until September 29. Just before the holidays, we got served notice of a department inspection. The team will be arriving for a week, guess when? If you said September 29, you get a prize! So my first day back is the first day of the inspection... slightly freaking out about that. The only thing I keep telling myself is that they can't come in to me on the first day, because who would do that? They'll have to leave me until the end of the week (I am hoping they'll run out of time, TBH!) and anything that they say will have to be viewed through the prism of "I am literally 3/4/5 days in this room; I barely know their names yet."

That is my hope; I'll probably still be weeping in the corner on the night of the 28th though!

I have, however, ordered Himself that he MUST be off work on the Saturday of that week. Because there's going to be a hell of a night out on the Friday and I'm not gonna be on Nimoy duty while I'm recovering!
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So spent much of today doing Mother's Day cards and crafts with ten year olds and being on yard duty. Which is as fun as it sounds. Got asked by one of my colleagues when we were picking up the kids at Montessori if I'd hears about our mutual colleague, MC, who is apparently retiring and had quietly told a few people but had the gaff blown wide open when Fr E announced it from the pulpit today that this would be her last confirmation ceremony. I am very surprised and also a bit WTF because MC is one of the senior teachers to me, which means that when she goes, I am now 5th in seniority in my school. On a staff of close to 30. *boggles*

Still reeling from that, I get the text from the sister to tell me that Television Without Pity are shutting down at the end of the week. Apart from the whole end of an era thing that I have going on, I love the forums over there and the recaps have been a part of my fandom life for as long as I can recall, back to Dawson's Creek days. (Yes. I have been here a long time!) Those recaps saved my bacon on mynah an occasion; there are some fics I could not have written without them.

So that was two, and by the time I saw this evening that Hawaii Five 0 spoiler and discussion within )

And now I go to watch skating!
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So, my class had their grad ceremony today - this is the note one of them gave me in a card.

Thank you for all you have done during the year. Your encouraging support and kindness really helps when you are stuck on a question or feeling down because you can't answer the question. Thank you for a brilliant year that I will never forget. Thank you for being the bestest and nicest teacher ever!

# keeping forever
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I post this fic with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. For today was Maths Standardised Testing day and despite a frisson of fear when I was correcting them, despite a sick feeling when I was converting the raw scores into standard/sten/percentile rank, I then compared them to last year's results... a small handful went down, mostly due to attitude/checking out with five weeks of school left/laziness/not doing a tap since September. The rest? Went up, and went up big and the class average went up six percentile points BOOM!

After the mixed bag that was English, I know now what I've been doing all year; I've been teaching maths!

Also? Het Big Bang, 33864 words. I think we're looking at 35/36k endgame. Let us cross our fingers.

Now. Fic!

Title: Movie Night
Author: helsinkibaby
Pairing: Mike Weston/Debra Parker
Rating : PG
Spoilers: AU for the season finale.
Disclaimer: The Following and it's characters are the property of Fox and no copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count: 471
Summary: Friday night is Mike's favourite night of the week.
Notes: I continue to deny canon.
For the smallfandomflsh "license" challenge: as ever, loose interpretations are my speciality. The words "license to kill" were mentioned in the challenge post; I have a Bond-obsessed husband, it was never going to end any other way.

Read more... )
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Today's current word count?


Which, I'm stunned at. Because I still have to write around episode 11,14 and bits of 15. And I really did think at the start that I'd be lucky to get 25k out of the season, that I might go beyond it. Then I wrote the last scene third and gave up that idea. And then I thought I'd get to 25k ok, and then I thought I might be able to push it to 30.

But to be beyond that with stuff to go?


This is officially the longest thing I've written in years, certainly since Nimoy came along. And it's a big deal for me.

Which is good because we had day one of standardised testing (English) in school today. And man, I've been teaching all year, but you'd never know it. Well, I suppose the bottom third of my class all came up, which is good. But the other two thirds were a mixed bag, they either went up by a little, or down by a little/a lot. Which, with sixth class in May, and they've already checked out I kinda get...but man is it depressing!

Maths is on Thursday, so we'll see how that goes... I always feel a bit more confident with maths because the English, with vocab and comprehension, especially the vocab because if they don't read, and they don't, they're screwed... but then again, that could be bad because they could do crap on it! Still, at least this year there will be no assaults in the classroom, so I'm one up on last year!
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So one of the girls in the staff room is working her way through West Wing season one. We've talked about it a bit but not to the point where I go all crazy fangirl because I try not to do that around Mundanes. The one thing I told her was, when you get to the last episode of season one, have a block of time free and watch it and the first two eps of season two one after the other, because you will need to.

Tonight, I get this text message.

Just finished last episode of season 1 west wing! We have season 1,3 & 4! No season 2! Who lives who dies?!?! Actually don't tell me!!

*shakes head*

The girl is 24, she missed out first time around and she's relatively new on staff and has only been there since I had Nimoy, so perhaps my words did not carry the weight they would have done with others.

My reply was this:


I don't even think my discs are any good to her; Himself got me the American complete set for a wedding present (my man knows me well!) and I doubt she has a region free player ...just got text, she has found a set.

Shoulda trusted the crazy girl!!!


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